Garnier PowerLight Intensive Fairness Face Wash (100 g)

Clear the way for cleansed skin with least effort because Garnier cares for men’s skin with utmost indulgence.

Visibly Brightens Skin
See the difference in complexion as you stand for a shave because the Powerlight Intensive face wash uses effective ingredients like lime to ensure you skin is fed a healthy dose of bleachers.

Immediate Deep CleansingRemoving oil, dirt and dead skin to leave behind skin that is clear and ready for a whole day out is this face wash and you can rest easy until the next clean up because the formulation is intense cleansing promised.

Intensive Dead Cell Removal
Dull looking skin almost always owes to an accumulation of dead cells layering over your skin, so get the best care there is to remove dead cells and enjoy brighter and purer skin with this Garnier face wash.

Micro-Polishing Beads
The micro-polishing beads ensure to clear all pores and leave behind a fine finish that will add to the radiance and clarity of your skin. The beads, acting as an effective scrub also clear your top layer of dead cells to leave more air supply for fresh and healthy skin underneath.

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