An oily finish on your skin will leave an otherwise handsome guy appear less attractive and tensed in any given situation so make sure you’re using this Garnier Oil Clear Deep Cleansing Face Wash to keep your face and skin in ideal health.

Effectively Removes Excessive Oil

Enjoy shine free and smooth skin because this face wash cleans your skin of all excessive oil build so you flaunt only fresh looking, soft skin. Excessive oil will lead to pimples and acne and the face wash ensures a cleansing like never before.

Unique Oil Trapping Mud Texture For Anti-Greasy Feel

The special mud texture of the face wash acts as an effective scrub in loosening deep seated dirt that has settled in the pores of your skin. You will achieve a matte-finish over the top layer of your skin so you are free from a greasy feel that attracts dust and dirt.

Cleanses Without Drying The Skin

Every face wash is going to be a comfortable activity because the formulation allows for a soft and smooth feel without dryness left behind. That awkward feeling where you have to flex muscles around the mouth and eyes after a face wash will all be in the past now.

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